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Ende Collective is passionate about participating in live events, pop ups, and art shows. It brings us joy to share our work with our community and connect with other artists. We are proud to have been a part of the following San Francisco Bay Area events. 


INDIE Market 2017 - This year we participated in the 2nd annual Indie Market, which is a wholesale marketplace in San Francisco with the purpose to connect buyers from the West Coast to local Bay Area artists.


WeWork SOMA 2016 - As a sponsored female founder / artist / entrepreneur, Krista Gambrel, the the artist and maker behind Ende Collective, was sponsored in November and December of 2016 with a  membership and pop ups at WeWork Spaces in San Francisco. 


Local Take 2016 - We participated in our first ever pop up after launch in November 2016. It was Holiday Bazaar that brought Bay Area artists and the community together to inspire consumers to buy local.