The Process

From conception to creation, producing every piece of Ende Collective jewelry is a beautiful and careful process. To begin a project and to create an object means to develop an idea, a shape, and a form. Only then, can it be manifested into something more tangible. In our process, we carve all our patterns from wax. 

During this building phase, the artist uses both additive and subtractive techniques to design each piece by hand. Once perfected, each piece will then be invested in a plaster mold and burned out in a kiln, which reaches temperatures of up to 800 degrees F. Once the mold is set and the pattern melted away, the metal casting process can begin. 

During this highly skilled process, the artist heats metal to at least 1800 degrees F, or until molten in state, and injects the liquid metal into the mold. For this process we use the highest quality of .925 silver and 14K gold.

Once cooled and quenched, the piece is then cut from its channels (see example to left) and filed, sanded, and buffed to its most beautiful potential.

We take pride in our process and Ende Collective maintains a standard practice of excellence to ensure each piece is produced at the highest quality possible. At Ende Collective, we believe that art is the thought of the maker. We create our jewelry and objects with love in San Francisco, CA.