Krista Gambrel first started exploring her contributions to art at a young age through music, dance, poetry and the performing arts. Her fascination with shape and form were inspired by a distinct moment in her life, when at around 10 years old, she discovered Michelangelo's marble carvings on the internet. She quickly took to filling and freezing balloons to then chip away at the frozen material with her father's hammer and nails. 

Her propensity for exploring creative processes and her desire to articulate ideas in the third dimension influenced her to study Spatial Arts, Sculpture and Metal Casting at San Jose State University. In these years, Gambrel became obsessed with the process of metal casting and fascinated with concepts of technology and cognitive culture. The nexus of art and science, along with female empowerment and subjectivity, are profound themes found in her body of work.

Coupled with her restless imagination, her conviction for designing and developing forms have inspired her newest endeavor. This Fall, the artist has applied her sculptural prowess to releases her debut jewelry line as Ende Collective.  

Artist statement

For the Observationst, my jewelry draws on components of curiosity and wonder; they spark the creative process. For the Adorned, my jewelry offers a more special experience. In the latest release, I approached materials as a means to tell subtle stories that draw on themes of intuition, energy, versatility, and possibility.  I want to empower people by showing them they have options.

My desire is to design jewelry that allows people a moment to feel, to think, and to choose how they want to wear my work. It's all about choice. In a way, this season I was experimenting on a way to help people reframe their semantic brain through the decision making process.