The Brand


Ende Collective is an emerging San Francisco brand inspired by legendary women who've managed to redefine the female role in society. For us, Art is the thought of the Maker, and an artist can be anyone who works to portray their processes, thoughts, and observations, in any medium. 

Us? we are sculptors and shape shifters. We are free spirits, philosophers, and intentional. We are eager to tell stories with our hands in the language of shape, form, and structure. Metal is our currency of choice for it conveys permanence and strength while exhibiting inherent values of natural beauty and potential. All of which our concepts boldly reinforce.  

Our mission is to create jewelry and metal sculptures that empower women to define their own path and push past the mundane benchmarks society has set for us. We celebrate individuality and the collective at once and seek to be the voice for the next generation of female artists, entrepreneurs, and humans who strive to express themselves creatively.