Vera Earrings - 3 in 1 Set

Vera Earrings - 3 in 1 Set

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The Vera Earrings are on the brink of being you! What are these pieces and how do they fit together? Could they be rearranged and put back together differently? The answer is yes! They're a three in one set that offer versatility and choice. They offer an opportunity to play and explore. You can wear the silver studs with the jacket behind the ear (as seen in image) or in front of the lobe. Or if you're going for a more classic look, just wear the studs. 

Named after Vera Rubin, an amazing American astronomer who transformed modern physics and astronomy with her observations of galaxies and stars. By looking more closely she discovered the stars are immersed in the gravitational grip of vast clouds of dark matter. 

💯  Handmade in San Francisco

Artwork is in stock: 3/5 - and going like hotcakes. Will ship in 2-5 business days.

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