Max Ring

Max Ring

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This inventive ring offers an edgy alternative to the normal finger 'ring.' Designed to be worn around the joint knuckle, rather than on the meat of the finger, the modern shape is creative and undeniably dynamic. Named after Max Planck, who was an originator of quantum theory, which describes the nature of mass and energy (and how they are one in the same), this piece represents the liminal moments of change from 'one to another.'

This sculpture is designed and made using lost wax process and cast with high quality sterling silver. Sizing for this piece: One side is larger than the other to accommodate different finger/knuckle sizes. Please see our sizing sheet to configure which size would be best for you.

Handmade in San Francisco, CA.

Artwork will be custom made to fit your order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.

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